Social Media

Why Social Media

The Pareto Principle says that only 20% of everything you do really matters. It also applies in marketing. But the real challenge is to discover the 20% most important channels, campaigns, messages and optimization techniques that generate 80% of your sales.

How does a solid presence in Social Media help you?

If you are reading this text, you already know that your brand's presence on social networks is a must. A brand that doesn't communicate online almost doesn't exist. Be present, gain the trust of your future customers and grow your online community or let us help you. We come to the package with a big smile when you enthusiastically count the conversions of a well-done campaign!

Some of us have over 8 years of experience in online marketing. All this time we learned, tested, corrected our mistakes and grew. Higher and higher. Through better and better campaigns. And the results came out too.

Social media helps you sell and build your business reputation & community.

Social media content

  • We establish the communication strategy and pillars
  • We write original, sales-oriented texts and surround them with relevant visuals
  • We implement the editorial plan (weekly/monthly)
  • We do community management to keep the community clean and informed

Social media ads

  • We create and optimize ads for your brand. On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google;
  • We bring you visibility, sales and your best chance at a community interested in everything you have to offer.
  • We generate monthly reports so you can see what worked and what didn't, so there's always progress.

The experience

  • We tame any business area and niche of interest – Fashion & Beauty, Horeca, IT, Construction, e-Commerce, Tourism, Communication, Telecom, etc.
  • We focus on quality work and concrete results
  • We deliver quickly and pay attention to feedback.

Message us with your needs and we'll get back to you quickly with advice and an offer