Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (or CRO) is improving the conversion rate from ads, marketing campaigns, sales, or any aspect of your business where users are driven to take an action. If you run an email marketing campaign where you encourage people to click on a link to purchase a product, then CRO helps you by getting more people to take that step.

CRO can take different forms and names such as marketing optimization, website optimization, landing page optimization (LPO), optimization and testing, customer experience (CX), usability or market experimentation. Despite being based on optimization, CRO is different from SEO in that the former focuses on optimizing human behavior and the latter on optimizing search engine algorithm behavior.

Analysis of traffic indicators

Our process starts with analyzing traffic indicators. The role of this step is to understand the profile of the site and its users' activity in order to identify the areas with the greatest impact and potential to increase the conversion rate.

Hypothesis development and validation

After analyzing the traffic, we develop hypotheses to improve content and flows to be validated through A/B and Multivariate tests. The variants whose results had a significant impact on the conversion indicators are implemented.

Continuous optimization

Our process does not stop after the implementation of a variant that positively influences the conversion rate. We are constantly looking for and testing new possibilities to get better and better results by iterating the optimization process.

How do we help you?

  • We do an A/B test on the order flow, detail page, contact page, to discover which elements stand in the way of conversion and remove them
  • We send 1 to 1 e-mails, customized for the type of customer, depending on the history of his interaction with your company
  • We use heatmap applications to find out where the eyes of your potential customers are and which are the most urgent areas to optimize
  • Create survey exit specific for your website to discover what is on the minds of your users
  • We record video sessions on site visits, to identify the type of behavior of your users
  • We collect data about and from your users so that we can turn your website into a sales machine
  • We implement actions to personalize the experience of each visitor, so that the road to conversion is easy to travel
  • We analyze your website continuously and offer you suggestions for improving its use
  • You receive professional suggestions for optimizing the "About us" and "Contact" pages of your website

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